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Choosing the right connectivity solution for your business isn’t always straightforward, but finding the right balance of speed, reliability and resilience for a price you can afford, without compromising on service, has never been more important. And, in a world where cloud services are becoming the norm, the smooth running of your business applications and communications depends on it.
But not all connectivity is created equal. Many businesses are still relying on internet services that weren’t designed for them, meaning critical systems and tools don’t perform at their best. That’s why our customers have realised the benefits of business-grade connectivity and SLAs, together with increasingly investing in resilient backup solutions.
It’s a case of taking advantage of the best networks and infrastructure available in your area, combined with quality internet access, security and business tools.

Phone & Broadband

Perfect for smaller businesses or satellite offices, looking for the most cost-effective, straightforward solution. Our business broadband offers FTTC & ADSL options, providing you with fast, reliable connectivity. Also great for back up and failover solutions.


Our superfast small business broadband deals are designed for modern data demands, such as HD video calling, file sharing, voice, and business cloud applications. Our cost effective business broadband offers businesses of all sizes the ideal modern connectivity solution.

Leased Lines

For businesses that need fast speeds, uncontended performance and guaranteed fix times, a leased line is the most reliable connectivity solution available. Leased lines offer a dedicated service, meaning you are always guaranteed your full connection speed and high levels of performance.

More ways to connect

Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC)

Our fibre to cabinet (FTTC) connections are capable of delivering speeds of up to 80Mbps downstream and up to 20Mbps upstream without a significant cost premium over ADSL connections.

Fibre to the Premises (FTTP)

This technology delivers a fibre connection directly to your premises at the fraction of the cost of a leased line. 80Mbps speeds are the most popular, however there are 220Mbps and 330Mbps faster options.

Ethernet First Mile (EFM)

EFM sits between ADSL (which can be limiting depending on your location) and a full leased line (which can be prohibitively expensive to small business). It makes use of multiple bonded copper pairs (up to a maximum of 8) providing speeds of up to 35Mbps.


These are FTTC connections supplied with 1:1 contention and a full service level agreement. The combination makes them a very good low cost leased line where high download speeds are the main priority.

Fibre Leased Lines

Leased lines are the ultimate broadband solution for businesses that require high speed and reliable broadband connections regardless of their location. We can deliver speeds from 1Mbps through to 1Gbps over our resilient network backed with a full 24/7 service level agreement with on-site response guarantees.

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